100 Days of Loot – Nepali Movie

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If there’s one movie that’s much of talk lately, then it has to be “Loot”. The Nepali Movie which took the entire industry by storm is celebrating 100 days of its successful screening in Gopi Krishna, Guna Cinema and Ganga Chalachitra in Kathmandu today!

100 Days of Nepali Movie Loot

100 days in Nepali theatres is indeed a big thing and congrats to the entire Loot Team for bringing out a hugely successful movie. For those who doubt on big image of 100 days of Loot success in Nepal, take the bigger thing that the movie went house full for some shows in abroad countries like the UK, the US and Australia and still going through some scheduled screenings.

The movie established almost all of the actors in the industry. Saugat Malla, protagonist in the movie was much appreciated for his role and he has already signed up for another Nepali movie CHADKEY for huge sum. Not to forget – the small time actor Sushma Karki who was hit for her hotness in the song “Udhreko Choli” (watch it below!).

An Aside: Movie’s Successful bash of 51 days created another heated discussion on the issue of Nisha Adhikari and one of the cine- journalists. Watch the video below.

Nepali Year 2068(Past Year) was indeed one of the historical years that uplifted Nepali Movie Industry and Loot remains one of the main characters for the credit. Our Predictions are that the movie will continue for longer in theatres. Best of luck for Loot! Here’s the trailer of the movie again.

Congratulations to the movie!


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