Apabad Dreams – Share and Like!

A big Thank You to all those who participated in our “Share your dream” contest supporting Apabad in UK.

We took the popular pitch line from Apabad – “All He Has is His Dreams” and made it as a contest asking individuals to share their dreams. From all the dreams received, we selected all that met our criteria and now have posted all those dreams for public voting. We understand all the dreams are important and carry the same value to each of those who holding those dreams.

Share your Dreams Nepali Chalchitra Apabad

But then there are dreams which many of us can appreciate and get inspired. This competition is not finding out the best but those which many of us like, appreciate and get inspired. Here are the dreams that are selected for voting. You need to like these images on facebook page for your votes to be counted.

What’s your favorite dream? Do let us know in the comments below!