Deepak Rauniyar seizes Nrs 14 Lakhs Funding for White Sun

Deepak Rauniyar White Sun Movie

Highway director Deepak Rauniyar’s upcoming movie ‘White Sun’ has been selected to receive a funding of Nrs 14 Lakhs from Hubert Bals Fund. The fund, provided twice in a year by International Film Festival Rotterdam, is internationally commended for bringing remarkable feature films. Rauniyar’s ‘White Sun’ made it to top 14 of the list out of 464 submissions from international level.

White Sun was provided with the fund as it became successful to be in top 5 under the program Boost!, a joint venture by IFFR’s Hubert Bals Fund and CineMart, Binger Filmlab and the National Film Development Corporation of India.

It is reported that the Hubert Bals Fund got a record maximum number of submissions this year. The fund will be providing 22.2 m of endowment to the 14 selected high potential film projects from 9 different countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe. Director Rauniyar’s ‘White Sun’ will also be participating in a coaching trajectory under the program Boost!

White Sun is based on the repercussions on the Nepalese rural life aftermath of 12 years socio-political conflict and uprising. Rauniyar’s ‘Highway’ was also based on the explorations of depressed life in Nepal during the periods of unsought strikes. Highway was produced in association with Louverture Films, a New York based Company, and with crowd funding post production.

Director Rauniyar is planning to start the shooting shortly after few months in the eastern hills of Nepal. Again, the Louverture Films is helping in post-production of the White Sun Movie.

Congratulations to director Depak Rauniyar and we will wait for ‘White Sun’ to rise!