Dhanda Nepali Movie screened in London

Pooja karki Dhanda Movie

Dhanda Nepali Movie that was released towards the end of 2012 in Nepal was screened last Sunday in London, UK. Lamis Production organized the movie screening in association with Bishnu Enterprise Limited at Paul Robesons theatre in Hounslow.

Attended by few more than hundred Nepali Movie lovers, everyone seem to have loved the movie. We will update you with views of selected audience once we are done with processing the video for the event but till then here’s some images from the screening.

Dhanda Nepali Movie Pradeep.co 1
Suraj, Sandeep, Lex, Pradeep, Milan at Dhanda Screening in Hounslow
Model Pooja at Dhanda Screening
Model Pooja Karki at Dhanda Nepali Movie Screening
Dhanda Nepali Movie Pradeep.co 22
Blogger Lex Limbu Speaks to Deepak of Hawachex Entertainment
Actor Dhruba Datta at Dhanda Screening in Hounslow
Organiser Milan Pokhrel with Actor Dhruba Datta at the Screening
Dhanda Nepali Movie Pradeep.co 12
Nepali Movie Lovers at the Dhanda Screening

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This was the third screening of Dhanda Nepali Movie in the UK. Previously screened in Ashford and Aldershot, the movie will be screened in few more places around the UK (probably in Woolwich and a second show in Aldershot). According to the organizers, the movie has been receiving good feedback from its viewers and most of them are happy to recommend the movie to others.

Dhanda was one of the expected movies for many Nepali movie lovers. The movie despite of its good responses didn’t do well commercially in theatres of Nepal. Enjoy one of the music videos of Dhanda featuring popular Sugam Pokharel.

Dhanda is a Nepali movie from Sudarshan Thapa and stars critically acclaimed Arpan Thapa and Samuna KC in the lead roles. The rest of the cast includes Kamal Mani Nepal, Puskar Gurung, Dhurba Koirala, Kamala Regmi, Subekshya Thapa, Basant Bhatta, Dilbhushan Pathak and Ronish Boss.

View the Photos from Dhanda Nepali Movie Premiere at FCUBE Cinema Hall

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