Dhanda – Nepali Movie Trailer Released

Dhanda Nepali Movie by Sudarshan Thapa

Upcoming Nepali movie Dhanda has released its online trailer on some youtube channels today. Dhanda is an upcoming Nepali movie from Sudarshan Thapa and stars critically acclaimed Arpan Thapa and Samuna KC in the lead roles. Arpan Thapa was much-admired in his works of Sick City and Batch No. 16 before. Watch the trailer below;

Also seen along with scary Arpan Thapa in the movie are Kamal Mani Nepal, Puskar Gurung, Dhurba Koirala, Kamala Regmi, Subekshya Thapa, Basant Bhatta, Dilbhushan Pathak and Ronish Boss.

Surdarshan Thapa’s previous movie “Mero euta saathi cha” was plain copy of Korean flick Millionaire’s first love and realistically, Thapa shouldn’t have invested much effort to direct the movie. With this movie, however work seems to be really tough and can be pretty much appreciated. No wonder why Sudarshan itself calls this movie his training movie!

The movie is written by Arpan Thapa himself and produced by Baburam Dahal. Arpan Thapa in the movie plays a role of guy who losses his self esteem during the rush towards perusing his dream by migrating overseas. After couple of weeks waking up in the hospital he looses his sanity, he finds himself remodeled, only things that has left him from toe to head is the stitches, lost hope and betrayal, as he can’t escape from his past and no hope from the future. The movie tries to solve the mystery of his catastrophe.

Here are some more images from the upcoming  Dhanda – Nepali Chalchitra.

The trailer looks promising! What’s your view?



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