Hindi and English Movies Banned in Nepal!

You won’t believe how far Maoists can go in name of their self-dependency revolutionary ideals. The hardline faction of the Maoists Party has urged to ban Hindi and English Movies in Cinemas across the country. Following their protest, hall owners and distributors in Nepal have decided to halt the screenings of Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Funny reasoning is that with ban of Bollywood Movies in Nepal, the Maoists Party believes it will end Nepal’s dependence on India. Pampha Bhusal, the party spokesman speaking to AFP said “We have decided to put a ban on Indian movies that spread hatred against Nepal and Nepali people.” They have also warned Cinemas across the country to enforce their prohibition effectively. “We have asked them not to show the films. We will send our members to the cinema halls to enforce the ban,” Bhusal added.

Hindi Movies in Nepal

A further meeting between Nepal Chalchitra Sangh and CPN-Maoists was held on Friday after the latter issued warning against screening of Hindi Movies on Wednesday. The decision was made in favour of the Maoists faction thus banning Hindi Movies in the country. Pradeep Udaya of Nepal Chalchitra Sangh however, said the ban agreement has been done just for five days despite the urge of the Maoists group to ban for two months. He further said that all decision will be formally revealed via a Press conference tomorrow.

Some ruling parties like United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) have already objected the decision and have insisted CPN-Maoist to immediately withdraw the decision.

CPN-Maoist, the breakaway faction of Nepal’s ruling Maoists had earlier submitted list of demands that included ban on foreign movies to the government. As the government didn’t address their issues, the Mohan Baidya lead faction has directly issued the warning citing their power and influence in the country.

Do you agree with the ban? Do you believe in that Hindi movies have spread hatred against Nepal and Nepali people?