Hot Sushma Karki in Bindaas Movie song

Bindaas Movie Sushma Karki song

Sushma Karki posing in hot and sexy posters of Nepali movie Bindaas created a hubbub some days ago when the movie officially released its first look posters. All that noise for seen hotness of Sushma karki in the movie, however, was not just limited to those posters. The disarray was seen mostly when Sushma Karki herself came with a statement that the poster has literally slayed her character.

Sushma Karki admits doing the photo shoot but she said she had no idea that the photo could have been photo shopped that way on to the poster. She further argued it was presented wrongly to affect her character. Sushma had promised then not to do any further works with Raju Giri (director of the movie) and forget about taking Bindaas as her movie. Hopefully, the arguments have been now settled down as not much was heard after that.

Keeping all those disputes aside, Bindaas team has now released a complete song from the movie. The song demonstrates Sushma Karki’s sexy role in the movie vibrantly. Watch the Rim Jhim song of Bindaas – Nepali Movie which forms the title track of the movie.

Bindaas is a Nepali movie directed by Raju giri and produced by Madhu Shrestha & Raju K.c. The movie according to its presenters is based on uprising negative sex issues in youths and the movie wants to reveal that reality providing complete entertainment to its audience alongside.

What do you say about the movie? One more movie using sex to sell or there’s nothing wrong with it?



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