Komal Oli to Play as Rajesh Hamal’s Wife in Rajneeti Movie

Komal Oli in Dabdaba Nepali Movie

The rumors of Komal Oli playing a Nepal movie have finally come true after Komal Oli has signed for Rajneeti Nepali Movie yesterday. Komal Oli was in gossips earlier with her long list of demands to be met for acting in a movie. Not sure if all her initial demands were met but it’s been confirmed that she has agreed and signed for Rajneeti Nepali Movie.

Interestingly, Komal Oli’s character in the movie involves starring opposite to Rajesh Hamal in role of his wife. The duo is frequently linked to each other and form part of marriage rumors. It could be because both Rajesh Hamal and Komal Oli are incredibly popular single ones, ripe and ready but yet to mingle.

Rajesh Hamal and Komal Oli
Rajesh Hamal and Komal Oli – File Images

Komal Oli has agreed for the role because of the inspiring issues Rajneeti movie raises – “women’s contribution towards societal positive changes and women empowerment”. Rajesh Hamal has yet to sign the contract although agreed for the movie in a telephone conversation informed Basanta Niraula – director of the movie.

Deepak Subedi and Deepak Kumar Bhattarai will jointly produce the movie and both of them will star along with Pabitra Acharya, Rajesh Hamal and Komal Oli in the movie. Rajneeti will be shoot mostly in Kathmandu and Birgunj. Much about the movie is yet to be known.

Komal Oli in Dabdaba Nepali Movie
Komal Oli Seen in Dabdaba Nepali Movie

Komal Oli is a proficient TV personality and a popular singer. Known for her bold personality in Media her songs and career itself has faced several controversies in the past. Apart from appearance in music videos, Komal Oli doesn’t have any significant role experiences to act in a movie. She however is not ready for any training to do the movie. She believes that with her music video experiences, she could gear up for the movie shootings. Komal Oli has also been featured in yet to release Dabdaba Nepali Movie. All we can see from her movie is this music video.

Komal Oli also reveals to some news dailies that she was offered role years back in Nepali Movie based on Maoists called Aago, which she denied.

Komal Oli’s popularity base will definitely aid to this movie but how she will take forward this new role of acting in her career will be interesting to see!