Malvika Subba participates in Nepal Votes today!

Malvika Subba votes new

Actress and popular Miss Nepal Malvika Subba has excitedly casted her vote today at one of the polling stations in Kathmandu. She was probably one of the first celebrities to post her after-vote image urging her thousands of fan to participate in Nepal Votes today!

One of the most influential Nepali celebrities, Malvika Subba had requested everyone to participate in the elections and vote for those who will make the new constitution happen. On her facebook page she wrote,

One day left for elections…Lets vote for parties who will make the constitution happen. Negative bhayera kaamai chaina, elections awasya huncha, vote halincha, parinaam niskancha…ani jiteka le afno responsibility pura garnai parnecha.

Soon after casting her vote, Malvika Subba posted her post-vote image saying she had voted safely.

Malvika Subba Nepal vote

Bharkhar vote halera ako. Sahi ra safe tarika le vote haliyo.Tapai haruko ke cha khabar?

You can see all other Nepali celebrities that participated in the election today here. Who did you vote for?