Miss Nepal Movie Controversy between Shuvechchha Thapa and Kshitiza Shakya

A controversy has sparked among Miss Nepal movie actors Shuvechchha Thapa and Kshitiza Shakya as the movie has come near to its release date. Actress Kshitiza Shakya, for reducing her scenes in the movie blames Shuvechchha Thapa, who also happens to be the producer for Miss Nepal movie. Thapa, however has asserted that the scenes are finalized according to the story of the movie and that she hasn’t shortened Kshitiza’s role in the movie.

The catfight began when Kshitiza became aware of her deleted scenes in the movie following the movie censor. Kshitiza had reportedly been to the movie studio itself to see Shuvechchha and discuss about the issue. The blaming-each-other discussions among the actress then continued on the facebook walls. Here’s what Shuvechchha Thapa wrote on her facebook after the incident.

Shuvechchha Thapa Facebook status on Miss Nepal Movie

“It’s more of director’s and producer’s right to decide what goes into the movie. The fault comes to Kshitiza Shakya if she was unaware of the story,” says Shuvechchha Thapa. She further added that she was thankful for Kshitiza’s support in the movie and self-assured that Kshitiza will support the movie promotions after watching the full movie.

Kshitiza Shakya, on other side wrote on her facebook that she wouldn’t be supporting the movie promotions at any cost and that’s her final decision.

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