Namrata Shrestha Joins Movement seeking Justice for Women

Namrata Shrestha joining the Women Protest in Nepal

Namrata Shrestha along with other celebrities from the movie industry joined the movement today to show solidarity in protests with regard to violence against women held in Kathmandu. The #occupybaluwatar uprising seen in Nepal is seeking justice for recent cases of women violence including Sita Rai’s (name changed) Rape Case and search for missing Chori Maiya Maharjan.

Here’s an image of Namrata Shrestha holding a placard in today’s protest.

Namrata Shrestha joining the Women Protest in Nepal

Also joining Namrata Shrestha were Miss Nepal 2010 Sadichha Shrestha, Actors Karma, Rayman Das Shrestha and others. This celebrity support became part of Saturday’s protest that saw support from all walks of life. Yesterday, CNN Hero Pushpa Basnet and rights activist Mandira Sharma were seen in the protests.

Puspa Basnet CNN Hero in Rape Case Campaign

Meanwhile Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai who denied to accept the petition for Sita Rai’s Case yesterday has now assured to take necessary steps to take action against those perpetrators who are involved in violence against women.

The pressure created from protests definitely seems to be working out. You can follow #occupybaluwatar tweets if you want to get involved!


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