Namrata Shrestha in love with Prem Ghale

Namrata Shrestha in Love with Prem Ghale

A relationship update on private Facebook profile and you make headlines on national paper next day? That’s like celebrity privacy now! Privacy indeed holds a different meaning for celebrities. But keeping that ethics part aside, let’s move on to the hot story of Namrata Shrestha in a relationship with Prem Ghale.

Namrata Shrestha in Love with Prem Ghale

On her private Facebook profile, Namrata Shrestha updated her relationship status yesterday from single to “In a relationship with Prem Ghale”. Now from what I know this wasn’t meant to make it public although she featured the news story on Facebook. Anyone friends with Namrata Shrestha on Facebook would know she had been with Prem Ghale for a while now and thus she might have featured the story being an important story of timeline in her life. But be it as news or tabloid, the story has made it to some daily newspaper today.

Some stories were carried on media previously as “gossips” of Namrata Shrestha finding a new boyfriend when the duo appeared together for first time at “Acharya – Nepali movie” premiere. The speculations were stronger when both of them were together during premiere of another Nepali movie – Mero Love Story.

Namrata Shrestha with Prem Ghale

Well, it’s official now that Namrata Shrestha and Prem Ghale are in relationship. But how ethical do you think is making news stories irrespective of someone’s privacy? Or is it that celebrities (put it as Public figures) have nothing such as privacy?



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