Nepali Celebs participating in Nepal Votes today!

Nepali Celebrities in Nepal Votes Election

Several Nepali celebrities joining the political parties and few of them participating in the party’s campaigns was widely covered in Nepali Media recently. You should probably be clear on who Rekha Thapa and Bhuwan KC are supporting by now! But are you curious who else is voting whom on this Election Day? We have collected information of few celebs that will be participating in Nepal Votes today.
Rajesh Hamal Karishma Nisha Adhikari

Popular actor Rajesh Hamal who has received his voting identity card will be voting from constituency no. 6 in Kathmandu today. He hasn’t expressed his affiliation to any party publicly and had rather supported the Election Commission’s promotional campaign to increase awareness on the election.

Rekha Thapa who became the headlines of several gossips with her UCPN-Maoist party affiliation (and close relations with Maoist supremo Prachanda) is unfortunately unable to cast her vote as she forgot to register her name in the voter’s list. She however has publicly campaigned for UCPN-Maoist party and urged everyone to support them.

Rekha Thapa and Prachanda joining party

Actor Jiwan Luitel who just returned from his upcoming movie Stupid Mann shootings in Phuket,Thailand, expressed that he would cast vote from constituency no. 9 in Kathmandu.

Jiwan Luitel thailand photo

Actress Priyanka Karki has been influenced by Nepali Congress leader Gagan Thapa and so is casting her vote to Thapa.

Actress Karishma Manandhar and Keki Adhikari are voting from constituency no. 3 in Kathmandu. They will be participating in the elections for the first time.

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