Nepali Movie – Visa Girl Video Competition

A video competition from upcoming Nepali Movie – Visa Girl is looking forward to explore the Nepalipan in you. Incorporating the tunes of “Yo Mann Ta Mero Nepali Ho” by popular Nepali band 1974 A.D.; the movie team is requesting interested Nepalis around the world to sing the song and share it with them. This won’t just make you lucky winner of Visa Girl premiere tickets but if selected could also get your video into the film “Visa Girl“.

Yo man ta mero Nepali Ho film Visa Girl

It’s time to show Nepalipan in you emphasizing your support for Nepali Movies. Nepalipan could mean a lot to many of us but if you were to follow organizers guidelines it could be showing how you wear at different occasions of Dashian, Tihar, Losar or Eid gatheringss that show your Nepaliness, or just how you enjoy having typical Nepali foods like mo:mos, chowmein, sekuwa while hanging up with family and pals. Watch the video made for promotions below for inspiration!

Video singing the song ‘Yo Mann Ta Mero Nepali Ho’ needs to be uploaded to youtube and the link should be submitted to Visa Girl Movie team via a form on their official website here.

New generation Nepali movies are trying to find out ways to differentiate themselves – not only in terms of movie production but also in terms of promotion. Finding effective ways in reaching the new generation (that has grown up watching Bollywood and Hollywood movies) has always been a challenge for Nepali Movies. Visa Girl is taking support of this video competition to spread the word about the movie and reach that new generation.

What do you say about the competition? Best of lucks if you are participating!!