Nepali movies shown weekly on Kantipur Television

Nepali Movies on Kantipur TV

After successful Nepali Movies programs, popular TV channel – Kantipur Television will now be showing full Nepali feature Movies as part of their weekly schedule. The TV has decided to integrate Nepali Movies as part of their program with respect to the growing interest of the TV viewers in Nepali movies. Two Nepali movie related programs – Rajatpat and Frame by Frame are already successful movie related programs viewed on Kantipur TV.

Nepali Movies on Kantipur TV

Popular Nepali Movies will be shown every Saturday on the channel from upcoming financial year. The TV has also purposed plans of premiering lately released popular movies within three months of their release dates if the program is popular among its viewers. Bhusan Dahal – chief executive producer of Kantipur television told – “The Movie show comes as an experimental programme and if successful, other movie related programs also could be initiated”.

Other popular televisions in past such as Nepal TV and Channel Nepal used to show Movies as part of their weekly schedule which were fairly successful.

Best of luck to Kantipur Television and huge thanks to them for supporting Nepali Movies! What do you think of this step of Kantipur Television?

Image Via Kantipur Television