Poojana Pradhan hot scenes in Rakshya Nepali Movie

Poojana Pradhan Hot bed Scene 4

Glamorous model turned actress Poojana Pradhan still wants to maintain her glitzy image in her movies.

Many had thought that the actress is trying to transform her sexy image, particularly after she started being engaged at Jaya Sangat Ashram working for orphan children.

Conversely, she proved everyone wrong by her hot scenes in upcoming Nepali Movie Rakshya and her stronger-than-ever intentions of being that sexy icon of movies.

According to some tabloids, Poojana said that she acts according to her role and that – “Poojana that looks at Ashram is different from the one that works in movies”. Poojana has been paid a huge sum of 1.75 lakhs in the movie Rakshya for her glamorous role.

Rakshya is an upcoming Nepali Movie directed by Raju Giri. The movie made under Basnet Movies banner will also feature Rajesh Hamal in lead roles.

Seen in the hot scenes along with Poojana Pradhan in the images below is another actor Ashok Phuyal from the movie Rakshya. Watch Poojana Pradhan hot photos below.

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