Preview of Soongava – Nepali Movie at US Embassy

Diya Maskey in Soongava Nepali Movie Screening

US Embassy in Kathmandu hosted an exclusive public preview of Soongava – Nepal’s first LGBT themed film for an audience around 100. The preview was joined by actors of the movie and followed a brief interaction with the director Subarna Thapa. Nisha Adhikari and Diya Maskey also joined for the Question and Answer series from the audience.

See some images from the public preview taken from the flicker channel of US Emabssy.

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Soongava is an upcoming Nepali Movie starring Diya Maskey, Nisha Adhikari, Saugat Malla and Basundhara Bhushal among others. The movie is garnering lot of interest lately because of its LGBT theme – first of its kind for a Nepali Movie to be based on. Also the movie being screened in some film festivals has generated a significant interest from the audience.

Soongava may not be yet another commercial movie in the Nepali Chalchitra Industry but it’s definitely one of them that are trying to define Nepali Movies in the new age! What do you say?

P.S. The movie is rumoured to be screening in the UK. Keep an eye on NepaliChalchitra for details.



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