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Rumours of Priyanka Karki divorce were in the air already but it has now come straight from the horse’s mouth (officially). Priyanka Karki confirmed her divorce with Rochak Mainali and further informed that it’s been a year already since her divorce on her last birthday. Priyanka Karki was quoted saying that she divorced her husband last year after finishing her shootings of Mero Best Friend and Three Lovers Nepali Movie.

Priyanka Karki and Rochak Mainali Marriage Ceremony

Priyanka Karki and Rochak Mainali Marriage

Priyanka Karki who turned 26 last Thursday (on 28th of February) was married to Rochak Mainali a few years back in July 2010. Karki had been to the US for her studies at the University of North Alabama where she met Rochak Mainali with whom she fell in love and her marriage was arranged with him afterwards. Rochak Mainali, as Priyanka discovered later, also turned out to be her neighbour in Kathmandu. More interesting relation affairs of the couple were revealed in this video from Nepali Chalchitra’s Channel below which was shot just a few days before their divorce.

Priyanka Karki’s marriage then came as a shock to many not only because Priyanka was linked to several others in the industry but also because she chose an introvert person (not matching to her profile) like Rochak Mainali as her life partner. Many had commented that Priyanka married in a hurry and even predicted the short span of their relationship then. By revealing the fact on an auspicious day (her birthday, a few days back), Priyanka Karki might have been happier portraying her independent image publicly.

Priyanka Karki Single ProfileIt’s only been over a year that Priyanka Karki joined the Chalchitra industry but then she has played in almost half-a-dozen movies already. Although not even a single released movie of hers has done well (business-wise), she has been the most sought-after actress in the industry. Besides being admired for her roles in the movies, she is often praised for her hard work and dedication she puts into her work.

Seen as Kaavya in lately released Kollywood Nepali Movie, She will be now seen in her upcoming Nepali movie Vigilante, Nepal’s first 3D Movie.

Priyanka Karki Images with Rochak Mainali

Here’re few images where Priyanka Karki was seen with Rochak Mainali.

Her cover image caption on facebook that read, “He offered her the world. She said she had her own” can’t be more true to her life. Best of luck for your Nepali Chalchitra career Priyanka!



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