Priyanka Karki and Keki Adhikari at Suntali Premiere

Priyanka Karki at Suntali Movie Premiere

Suntali is in cinemas all over Nepal starting today. The latest nepali movie was premiered yesterday at at QFX Kumari Cinema in Kathmandu. The premiere saw several celebrities including the movie cast and crew attend the event.

Priyanka Karki, who leads as Suntali in the movie, looked gorgeous interacting with the media. You might also want to check out another beautiful Keki Adhikari seen attending the event.

Keki Adhikari Suntali Movie Premiere

Here’s the image gallery from the movie premiere yesterday.

Released in cinemas from today, Suntali stars Priyanka Karki, Suryamala Khanal, Arpan Thapa, Karma, Pramod Agrahari, and Rajkumar Pudasaini. The movie is directed by Bhaskar Dhungana.

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