Priyanka Karki in Sadanga and Mala Nepali movie


Priyanka Karki should be the busiest actress lately in Nepali movies. Her latest movie suntali released in cinemas last month and this month will again see her two movies i.e. Mala movie and Sadanga movie in the cinemas.

As both movies are promoting hard nearing their release dates, I bring you the latest images of the actress Priyanka Karki as seen in both Sadanga and Nepali movie.

Priyanka Karki Sadanga Movie Images

Priyanka Karki has her hot avatar on in the movie, the trailer reveals. View some of her images taken from the Sadanga movie’s trailer.

Priyanka-Karki-back-in-Sadanga-Movie Priyanka-Karki-bed-in-Sadanga-Movie Priyanka-Karki-Kiss-in-Sadanga-Movie

Priyanka Karki Sadanga Movie Poster

Here’s the Sadanga Movie trailer.

Priyanka Karki Mala Movie Images

In contrast to her Sadanga movie role, Priyanka Karki plays a serious and different role in the Mala movie. Here are few images from the movie and trailer.

Priyanka-Karki-Mala-Nepali-Movie-poster-film Priyanka-Karki-Mala-Nepali-Movie-banner-film Mala-nepali-Movie-Nepali-feature-film

And here’s the Mala movie trailer.

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