Rajesh Hamal all set to Marry Madhu Bhattarai in February 2014!

The most celebrated actor of Nepali Chalchitra industry, Rajesh Hamal will be finally marrying his long-time girlfriend Madhu Bhattarai in February next year. Actor Hamal, past in his 50s, had been saying for last 2-3 years that he would soon be setting a conjugal life. And with this announcement now, hopefully, the actor won’t be prompted frequently from media about his marriage.

The famous Rajesh Dai is planning his marriage ceremony in a modest way. At an audio and video launching ceremony of album ‘Anamol Sristi’ by Meghraj Magarati held on Tuesday, actor Hamal said that due to some reasons, the pre-planned marriage was shifted a month later. He also said that the couple hasn’t thought of their honeymoon destination yet, and it will probably be a place where Madhu will be residing at the time.

Actor Hamal and Musician Sambhujeet Baskota jointly launched the album, where superstar Hamal has also played in a music video of a song. While actor Hamal spoke in public about his marriage; his soon-to-be mistress, Madhu Bhattarai, hasn’t been seen yet with him in public.

Madhu Bhattarai, a model from Biratnagar has been in relationship with Rajesh Hamal for more than six years. Hamal met Madhu for the first time at the Lux Beauty Star Contest in 2004, where actor Hamal was the chief judge of the contest. Hamal revealed about his love affair in 2010 and Madhu’s photo was published in media earlier this year only after she uncovered about her relationship with the superstar in an interview with Kantipur Publications.

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