Rekha Thapa’s Holi 2013 Dance at Chhabi Ojha’s Place

Rekha Thapa at Chabbi Ojha Holi 2013 2

So it was not only Karishma Manandhar and Namrata Shrestha that organized Holi Party for the entertainment industry Celebs this year, Rekha Thapa also took initiative to organize Holi by inviting few of her friends at Chhabi Ojha’s place in Baneshwor.

Rekha Thapa at Chabbi Ojha Holi 2013

According to Rekha Thapa it wasn’t her who actually organized the program. The program was in fact organized by Chhabi Ojha at his own office Namaste Nepal in Baneshwor and she was just part of it. Rekha Thapa last year was seen attending Holi party at Karishma Manandhar’s place. Although Rekha seems to have accepted Chhabi Ojha’s invitation she wasn’t mostly seen with her at the party. Most photos from the party show Rekha Thapa with her Anadaj Movie partner Sabin Shrestha. View the Images of Rekha Thapa with Sabin Shrestha below.

Rekha Thapa at Chabbi Ojha Holi 2013 2

Rekha Thapa with Sabin Shrestha Holi 2013

Wondered whom Chhabi Ojha at the party was spotted with? See this Image below.

Chhabi Ojha at Holi 2013

Jokes apart, the Rekha Thapa/Chhabi Ojha Party also saw presence of Nepali Chalchitra Development Board president Dharmendra Kumar Marbaita who has lately been too close with Rekha Thapa. Nepal dot FM has the video of Rekha Thapa dancing at the party, which you can check out below.

Check Nepal dot FM’s post Rekha Thapa and other actors playing Holi for few more images.



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