Rekha Thapa proves her Charm again with successful Lanka Movie

Rekha Thapa in Lanka Nepali Movie Song 1

Rekha Thapa who always keeps on saying that she is not an actress of city-movie-goers has once again proved her charm on general mass audience of Nepali movies outside big cities. Her latest release Lanka Nepali movie has shown overwhelming opening figures and is expected to be hugely successful in the Chalchitra industry. The movie has also hold over to continue in cinemas for its second week in accordance to queue system in Nepal. If you haven’t yet watched the trailer of the movie, here it is for you.

Lanka was not only the last hope of Rekha Thapa to maintain her stardom in the industry but also the hope for overall Nepali movies industry to continue sustaining. Almost 100% of lately released Nepali movies were all unsuccessful in business terms. Be it superstar Rajesh Hamal movies or new generation movies; box office figures for all the movies were gloomy. Lanka opening figures have added some hope for the industry people to continue doing the good work.

Lanka is a Nepali Movie starring Rekha Thapa and Kishor Khatiwoda among others. Rekha Thapa plays the lead role in the movie and so is termed “Hero” of the movie. The movie is produced by Om Prakash Agrawal and directed by Shyam Bhattarai. Rekha Thapa’s husband – Chhabi Ojha has assisted the movie as its advisor.

Here are some of the movie stills from Nepali movie Lanka.

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The movie team also shoot a music video just a week before the movie’s release. The song called “Yo pal pheri aaula – Na aaula” is also doing well along with its most popular song – “Baal Maatlab”. Watch the recently shot song below.

Rekha Thapa in Lanka Nepali Movie Song 1

Rekha Thapa Hero in Lanka Nepali Movie

Congratulations to Rekha Thapa and all Lanka team for bringing out a successful Nepali movie and keeping hopes of the Nepali Chalchitra industry alive.

Have you watched the movie yet? How do you find the trailer?



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