Rekha Thapa to get into Politics?

Rekha Thapa on Streets of NYC US

Anyone following Rekha Thapa should know that she recently met Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai recently in what was called a secret meeting. Although the exact meeting details didn’t come out, it was believed that she met Baburam Bhattarai with regard to the chair person position of the Film Development board. Apart from PM Baburam Bhattarai she has also been close with Puspa Kamal Dahal in the recent months.

But those gossips are not only the basis we are looking after Rekha’s interest in politics. According to some sources, Rekha Thapa met an astrologer Harihar Adhikari today and enquired about her political career with him. Now that’s what interestingly helps us to question – Is Rekha Thapa trying to get into politics?

Rekha Thapa with Harihar Adhikari Nepali chalchitra

Rekha Thapa who is vying for Office head for Film Development board of Nepal is now seeking to get actively involved in the politics through that. In the meet with the astrologer, she was also concerned of her public image joining the politics. She further expressed her intentions of performing any rituals to improve her lucks in the sector.

Harihar Adhikari, a young astrologer who is quite popular among the celebrity circle told that Rekha Thapa also discussed about her married life. She enquired about possibilities of another marriage. It’s been some months Rekha Thapa has divorced with Chhabi Ojha and has publicly expressed positive views on her next marriage.

Best of Luck to Rekha Thapa! Would you like to see her in politics? Do you think it’s a good idea for celebrities to join and follow a certain party ideals?



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