Reloaded – Mission Paisa 2 Trailer released!

Mission Paisa 2 Nepali Movie

Reloaded – Mission Paisa 2 – a sequel to the Nepali movie Mission Paisa has released its trailers today. The original Mission Paisa released in 2009 couldn’t stand up to its hype and was mostly unsuccessful. However, this sequel to the movie looks promising and utterly fresh. Watch the trailer for the Nepali Movie Reloaded above!Here’s the first look poster of the movie.

Reloaded Mission Paisa 2

The movie directed by Simos Sunuwar has Amir Gautam, Resh Marhatta, Nisha Adhikari and Harshika Shrestha starring in it. Among the actors, Resh Marhatta and Harshika Shrestha are new faces added in the movie’s sequel. The story for the movie is from Prachandaman Shrestha and is produced by Narendra Maharjan, Madhab Wagle and Simos Sunuwar.

Hopefully the movie does something better than its original one! What do you say?