Soongava – Nepali Movie Trailer and Official Poster Released

Soongava – one of the most awaited movies of 2013 has released its official trailer and poster today. The movie, which has been screened in nine film festivals around the world, has created headlines in the chalchitra columns already. Soongava also bagging a Jury award from Mumbai film festival 2012 has soared its popularity lately. The Movie has been finally scheduled to release all over Nepal on 4th of January next year.

Soongava Nepali Movie Official Poster

“Soongava – Dance of the orchids” stars popular Nisha Adhikari and Deeya Maskey in lead roles. Accompanying them are Saugat Malla, Bashundara Bhusal, Nirmal Nisar and Rajendra Man Shakya among many others. Watch the official trailer of the movie below!

Soongava is a story of love and benevolence between two female characters of the movie – Diya (Deeya Maskey) and Kiran (Nisha Adhikari). Diya, aged 22, hopes to become a professional dancer, encouraged by her best friend Kiran. Whilst her parents have promised her hand to a stranger, her friendship with Kiran develops into a love affair. Transgressing local morals and tradition, Diya breaks off with her fiancé to live with her girlfriend. But by living out their lifestyle in the light of day, the young women expose themselves to danger of the society.

Having watched the movie some months ago in a private screening in London along with its director Subarna Thapa, I would say the movie is first of its kind in Nepali Chalchitra industry. I would recommend to all those who genuinely want to understand cinema and look more beyond entertainment in the movies. It would be difficult to predict anything about the movie but one thing sure is Soongava is yet another face-lifting movies of the industry. If the movie actually works with general Nepali audience and achieve commercial success will be interesting to see!

How do you find the trailer?



  1. pali cinema. Real stories rnt true enough and fiction is never smart enough. The world is open these days, even for nepal, but i see bubbles of incidents. Its depressing. Good acting/producing stays hidden because of that. I hope ur movie is a change.

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