Sumina Ghimire trying to establish herself as Adult only actress? (Video)

Sumina Ghimire in Star Movie

One of the controversial actresses of the industry, Sumina Ghimire has acted in more than two dozen movies within past four years of her career. Ghimire who entered the industry as a simple girl is now reportedly showing her bold character and trying to establish herself as an adult only actress in the industry. Her upcoming censored movie Star (for 16+ viewing only) and her sizzling appearances in few other recent movies has portrayed her more of as an adult movies actress.

Watch her recent interview below where Sumina Ghimire discusses more about her recent movies and her chalchitra career background with cine journalist Utsab.

Sumina Ghimire started her journey in Nepali Chalchitra with Nepali Movie Dulahi for which she was also awarded as the best debut actress. Although the movie Dulahi did fairly well, none of the other Sumina Ghimire movies have done well commercially. She now awaits her release of her upcoming movie Star on 18th of October.

Watch one of the hot songs of Sumina Ghimire from Star Nepali Movie.



  1. […] Star Nepali Movie will be releasing all over Nepal on 18th of October. Sumina Ghimire is seen in a glamorous role in the song above and because of many such scenes and dialogues in the movie, the movie has been censored to be watched by adult only. Watch latest interview video with Sumina Ghimire if she is trying to establish herself as Adult only actress? […]

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