Who will be a Gurkha

Who will be a Gurkha Official Poster Nepali Chalchitra

Who will be a Gurkha is a Documentary movie on Gurkhas Recruitments by the Great Britain. The movie is written, directed and produced by Kesang Tseten. Winner of Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival ’12 in International Category, the movie boosts several other official selections and film festival screenings.

Directed By: Kesang Tseten
Written By: Kesang Tseten
Produced By: Kesang Tseten

Plot Outline:
Britain began recruiting Nepalis 200 years. Gurkhas, famous for wielding a curved khukuri knife, have seen numerous wars. 200,000 fought in two world wars; 50,000 were killed.

Gurkha income and pension, though meager, has helped prop Nepal’s economy. Today, paid manifold times better, Nepalis continue to be lured to the British Army, undergoing grueling tests to win the very few positions available.

Recruitment, carried out with meticulous British planning in the lush lakeside town of Pokhara, presents an elaborate modern-day ritual born in the days of Empire, offering a fascinating view of institutions and societies, officers and applicants, British and Nepali.

Official Poster

Who will be a Gurkha Official Poster Nepali Chalchitra