The official trailer of upcoming Nepali movie Love Sasha has been released on YouTube earlier.

Love Sasha stars Karma, Keki Adhikari, Shivani Chalise, Rashmi Bhatta, Bikash Joshi, and Asif Shah among others.

The story of Love Sasha movie is based on themes of romance, comedy, and drama. As suggested in the trailer, the story follows newly found friendship and love of Sasha, portrayed by Keki Adhikari as she prepares for her engagement.

Watch the official trailer of the movie below.

Love Sasha Movie Trailer

Short Synopsis of Love Sasha Movie

Love Sasha is a slice of life romantic drama film about an unconventional girl Sasha and her chance meeting with a stranger turn friend Pralhad a.k.a Pearl. As their friendship grows they gain a new perspective on love, kindness, romance and life. This semi-realist modern day drama captures a candid journey of Nepali youth exposed to cultural globalisation yet trapped in local socio-cultural customs and conventions.

Love Sasha Movie PosterLove Sasha Character Intro Images

You can also see the intro images of characters as put by the movie team ahead of the trailer release.

Keki Adhikari as Sasha in Love Sasha Movie

The movie team has expressed that Love Sasha wouldn’t be possible without Keki Adhikari and that she lived, felt and expressed Sasha adding her own personality while discovering the character.

Keki Adhikari as Sasha in Love Sasha MovieKarma as Pearl in Love Sasha Movie

Karma debuted in ‘Sano Sansaar’ movie almost a decade back. It has been a long journey since then. He has an aesthetically pleasing personality, charismatic presence on screen and his embodiment of an imaginary characters.

Karma as Pearl in Love Sasha MovieAsif Shah as Siddhartha in Love Sasha Movie

Asif Shah has portrayed the character of Siddhartha in Love Sasha. He is a multi-talented media person – an actor, director, singer, song-writer and music composer.

Asif Shah as Siddhartha in Love Sasha MovieShivani Chalise as Zevu in Love Sasha Movie

Shivani Chalise has portrayed the character of Zevu in Love Sasha. She has previously worked in TV and also a wonderful Salsa teacher. Love Sasha is her debut feature film.

Shivani Chalise as Zevu Love Sasha MovieBikash Joshi as Abhay in Love Sasha Movie

Bikash Joshi has portrayed the character of Abhay in Love Sasha. He is a theatre actor involved with Mandala Theater in Nepal.

Bikash Joshi as Abhay Love Sasha Movie

Love Sasha Movie Release

The movie is scheduled to release in cinemas on 28th Poush, Thursday. The movie team also clarified a recent controversy surrounding their release day – Thursday instead of the conventional release day on Friday.

The movie is directed by Prachanda M. Shrestha and produced by Madhav Wagle.

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