In an official trailer released for the upcoming Shakuntala movie, super actor Rajesh Hamal is seen in an entirely new look. The trailer was revealed on a YouTube channel today.

Rajesh Hamal is featured in a feminine avatar and is seen fighting aggressively for woman rights. His dialogue and signature actions in a different appearance adds something new to his role in the movie.

You can watch the full trailer for the Shakuntala movie below.

Shakuntala Nepali Movie Trailer

Shakuntala Nepali Movie Posters

In addition to Rajesh Hamal, another actor Kishowr Khatiwada is prominently seen in the most parts of the trailer. Here’s the poster featuring both of these actors.

Rajesh Hamal and Kishowr Khatiwada in Shakuntala Trailer

Rajesh Hamal in Shakuntala Nepali MovieHere’s the official poster of the movie featuring Rajesh Hamal’s new appearance in the movie.

Rajesh Hamal featuring Shakuntala Movie Poster

Shakuntala Nepali Movie Teaser

The movie team had released a teaser featuring Rajesh Hamal’s new look earlier this month. If you had missed the previously released teaser of the movie, you can watch it below.

Shakuntala movie stars Rajesh Hamal, Kishowr Khatiwada, Rabindra Basnet, Smreeti Shrestha, Anu Shah, Rabi Giri, Pradeep Dhakal, Rajkumar Thapa, Shivan Shrestha,  and Sashank Basyal among others. The movie is directed by Deeness Shrestha and produced by Maheshwor Khatri and Shreepsa Khatri.

The movie is set to release on 26th August (1oth Bhadra) across movie theatres in Nepal.