Namrata Shrestha on Ground Helping Nepal Earthquake Victims

Namrata Shrestha Earthquake Relief Blood Donation

Several Nepali celebrities have been lately involved in helping the victims of Nepal earthquake in whatever ways they can. Namarata Shrestha is one of them who took the initiative early on and have been reaching several earthquake-affected areas outside Kathmandu to help people affected with the disaster.

With her team and personal efforts, Namrata Shrestha has been reaching remote places in Sindhupalchok and other heavily affected areas to provide her helping hand and relief materials. She along with her 50 people team lately visited Sindhukot (village in Sindhupalchok) and helped the victims with medical assistance, food, and shelter.

From reaching places where no relief agencies have been before to helping with blood donation, Namrata Shrestha has been documenting her efforts and asking people for help on her Facebook page. Here’s the latest video she uploaded to raise awareness and seek help for those places that are still out of reach of the government and other earthquake relief organisations.

Here’s one of her previous posts talking about her feelings for those affected by the quake.

“It was mixed feeling when I went to visit Sukutey. People have lost their shelter.. When I was broken with the sight there, the villagers were rebuilding their shelter without waiting for anyone or complaining about Government! I met an interesting old man who had an umbrella just umbrella but was smiling while he said, “aafnu ta yehi euta Chata baki cha, pani parey kholchu ani thachakka baschu Nani’! Those words were really inspiring. Yes, we Nepali haven’t given up! We will and we can rebuild our nation!! Let’s not complain who should have done it but let’s be the one to do it! Will work on this. And I am sure you all will support! Thanks to all the helping hands.”

And finally here’s her request seeking for more help;

Dear all, as you know Nepal needs your support and financial help. If you want to donate you can donate in your personal capacity directly to me. I will be accountable to every cents and will publish the details of expenses as it happens. If me and my group will not have future projects then I will donate it to ‘Prime minister relief fund’ or ‘FNCCI-operation relief’. Nepal needs lot of financial help for immediate relief to long-term semi permanent to permanent rebuilding thus nothing will be wasted.
You can send smaller donation directly through western union and send verification code in my inbox. For larger sum you can send it to my bank account (03700501203744 )
Everest Bank Ltd
Kalimati branch
Swift code: EVBLNPKA !
You can also donate to FNCCI operation relief or Prabal Gurung’s crowd funding websites!!
Keep supporting and let’s rebuild together!!

Huge respect to Namrata Shrestha and her efforts. She is indeed a real star!



  1. fk the acting … there ain’t any interview required from victim, help first, give them shelter, food and whatever they required to live…. to live .. NOT FOR INTERVIEW… life after shock we know … real victim ain’t need any publicity … real volunteer ain’t need any paparazzi .. act first … we real people know it

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