Happy 49th Birthday to Rajesh Hamal

The superstar of Nepali movie industry – Rajesh Hamal is celebrating his 49th birthday today. He was spotted celebrating his birthday today along with her differently abled sister Maina Suchikar at Khagendra Nava Jeevan Kendra located in Jorpati.

Rajesh Hamal 49th Birthday

Rajesh Hamal dubbed “meeting with her sister” to be the first and every special programme of his day. He spent nearly two hours at the Kendra and shared his birthday cake to everyone over there.

He had plans of celebrating the day later the evening with his family.

While many other celebrities mark their birthday with big parties, Rajesh Hamal celebrates it uniquely by visiting her sister at Khagendra Nava Jeevan Kendra. Maina Suchikar is a differently abled member of Nepal Apanga Sangha at Khagendra Nava Jeevan Kendra who Hamal has made his sister. Rajesh Hamal has been visiting her on his auspicious day for years now.

Happy Birthday Superstar!

Image via Filmykhabar