Rajesh Hamal in a Lok Dohari Song – Kasto Achamma

Rajesh Hamal in Look Geet with Reema Bishwokarma

After acting into hundreds of movies and other music videos, superstar Rajesh Hamal has accepted the challenge of doing something different by dancing in the tunes of a Lok Dohori song. Rajesh Hamal along with actress Reema Bishwokarma is seen in an upcoming Lok song “Kasto Achamma” sung by Bishnu Majhi and Raju Pariyar. Watch the music video report below.

The popularity of Lok Dohori songs and their deeply rooted cultural value is what attracted me to Lok Dohori says Rajesh Hamal on the sets of music video shooting spot. He added, “I had always wanted to do one Lok Dohari Song and when Shiva B.K. offered me that chance, I simply accepted it”. Shiva B.K. has been a popular name in Lok Dohari scene and he has convinced several others from the movie industry to act into Lok Dohari songs.

The song was shot in beautiful Chovar of Kathmandu. Do you like the music video? Leave your comments below.



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