Oh! Star Duniya – Theatre art Performance

Oh Star Duniya Nepali Natak

While recent Nepali movies not doing that well with the audience, you might be surprised to know about the growing interest of theatre art performances in the Kathmandu City. Oh! Star Duniya by Actors Studio in Nepal has become the recent talk of the town. The play which started few days ago is being performed at Sarwanam Theatre in Kalikastan, Kathmandu till 20th of October. The show starts every day from 5.00 in the evening and costs 100 rupees for tickets (Rupees 50 for students).

Oh Star Duniya Nepali Natak

Oh Star Duniya is an adapted version of the play ‘Taramandal’ by Neel Chaudhuri, one of the promising young playwrights of India. The play that lasts for 2 hours is focused on story of people who want to be stars.

If you are interested in knowing more about the performance, I have attached below the news article as covered on Kantipur Daily today.

Oh Star Duniya by Actors Studio on Kantipur

Here are some more images of one of its performances as taken by Ishwar Rauniyar. Do visit Ishwar Rauniyar photography page for more images.

I would definitely recommend watching this theatre art performance to all art lovers. Have you watched the play? What’s your view on it?



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