Watch Kathmandu – Nepali Movie Online

Oh wait, before you start looking for the movie videos straight away on this page, let me kindly inform you that we do not provide any such online movie videos unless they are uploaded by the film makers themselves. We hate Piracy as much as you do. This movie (Kathmandu), however, has been uploaded to one of the web based paid video streaming platform called DaCast that will let you watch the movie for a fee of $5.99 within three hours. (Scroll down to the end of the post if you wish to watch the movie here!)

Kathmandu Nepali Movie Nepali Chalchitra

Thinking of digital ways to reach and grow the audience of Nepali Movies as such is undoubtedly a worthwhile effort and I would strongly recommend it. But if it’s right time for Nepali Movies to be digital is what can be argued for. It’s not been long the industry has started produced high quality digital movies and is already victim of Piracy with few digital movies.

Akash Adhikari, who is excited about uploading his movie on to streaming website, was quoted saying “This has been done to facilitate international Nepali audience looking forward to watch my movies”.

Kathmandu is a Nepali movie starring Akash Adhikari, Resh Marhatta, Gauri Malla, Samyukta Rana, and Arjun Shrestha among others. The movie boasted its foreign shootings mainly USA and its Red Cinema 4k Camera. Produced by Akash Adhikari himself, the movie wasn’t received well by the audience after its release in Nepal. The movie is based on happenings of the Capital City Kathmandu of Nepal.

With due respect to digitalizing ideas of Akash Adhikari, I don’t see this step as anything big or revolutionary as Akash Adhikari puts it through his Facebook status. Moreover Dacast is hardly familiar and just a newbie in paid digital streaming market. Choice of Youtube (pay-per-view) or other popular streaming services would have been looked more authentic. Anyway, if you wish to watch the movie by paying the subscription fee, I have embedded the movie below.

Also, to help you decide if you really want to watch the movie by paying for it; here’s the trailer of the movie for you.

What is your view on digitalizing Nepali Movies? What options would you recommend?