Rajesh Hamal’s Girlfriend – Madhu Bhattarai revealed

Madhu Bhattarai Rajesh Hamal Girlfriend 2 NC

Rajesh Hamal’s relationship issues always make it to big gossips in the Nepali media, especially so because the superstar has effectively managed not to disclose any details about his relations for years. But who wouldn’t be interested in exploring more about the superstar’s girl friend? The media never stops publishing scoops on his affairs nor do the interviewers stopover asking him the same relationship questions repeatedly. In his several interviews, Rajesh Hamal has admitted that he is in close relationship with “someone” but has kept all other details a big secret.

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Last Friday, a Kantipur Magazine supplement, Saptahik published an interview of Madhu Bhattarai referring her as girl friend of the superstar Rajesh Hamal. Madhu Bhattarai’s gossips as Rajesh hamal’s girlfriend have made it to the gossips before but this is the first time that any popular magazine has published Madhu Madhu Bhattarai Rajesh Hamal Girlfriend NCBhattarai’s own interview in which she has disclosed her relationship secrets with Rajesh Hamal. Her image however wasn’t published in the news story at her own request. Yet, the published sketch of her has lead to clear speculations of who Madhu Bhattarai is.

Madhu Bhattarai, originally from Biratnagar has participated in several beauty pageants including the Mega Model Contest in 2002 and Lux Beauty Star in 2004. According to sources, the duo met at the Lux Beauty Star Pageant where Rajesh Hamal was the main judge of the pageant. Madhu who was the participant of the pageant, was successful in grabbing the first runner-up at the pageant.

After the pageant, Rajesh Hamal had handed Madhu with her visiting card and the couple kept in touch via emails. It was Madhu who proposed for relations with Hamal initially. Rajesh Hamal didn’t give his decision instantly then but he accepted the proposal of being in relationship after six months. Sources say it’s been six years already that the couple is in relationship. It’s also revealed that Rajesh Hamal has already discussed their relationship affais with Madhu’s family and the couple is sought to tie the knot soon.

Here are the few other images of Madhu Bhattarai from her modeling career.

Madhu Bhattarai Rajesh Hamal Girlfriend 2 NC

Madhu Bhattarai Rajesh Hamal 2 NC

Madhu Bhattarai Rajesh Hamal Girlfriend 3

Better late than never! What do you say?

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