Rekha Thapa in Nepali Movie Silsila

Rekha Thapa In silsila

Rekha Thapa in the Nepali Movie Silsila. View the Gallery of Rekha Thapa from the Movie Below. You can know more about the Nepali movie Silsila below.

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Silsila is an exemplary Kollywood movie, ensuring the drift of for movies however silsila comes to the screen with a bouquet of romantic and tearjerker plot that the fore movies fell short of.

Director Rajendra Uprety’s astonishing work over Shivam Adhikari’s factious yarn turns out to be a wonderful chemistry.

Raj (Raj Timalsina) is a college student, mulish and blithe, akin is Kanchan (Rekha Thapa), are good acquaintances. Pooja(Soniya K.C) is yet another college girl whom Raj falls for and this happening glumes kanchan.

Rahul (Biraj Bhatta), a dyed-in-the-wool and defiant journalist, trouble by his professional chores, with the advance of story meets lone and dejected Kanchan to get a hookup. The twists and the turns of the plot leave both Raj and Pooja dead and unite Kanchan and Rahul.



  1. हाइ रेखा सिस्टर’how आर यू? सिस्टर ‘प्ले धेरै फिल्म्सहरु
    र चर्चित हुनु ताकी बिस्वोको सबैले तपाइलाई चिन सकुन ‘धेरै माया ६ है मेरो तपाइलाई ………………………………. ताताताताताताताताताताताताताताता

  2. hello rekha ji how are you i really love your movie and your acting keep it up and best of luck all your life be happy

  3. hi rekha thapa jyu hajur film line bata kahile hatne hau hajur film line sekhi hatnu vayo vane ma nepali film herne

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