Rekha Thapa in NYC, America (USA) meets press

Rekha Thapa on Streets of NYC US

Seems Rekha Thapa was lately depressed with her diminishing possibility of being the chairman of Film Development Board. So, she flew out of the country even when the decision on the chairman ship was yet to made. Well, this is our assumption but be it for whatever reasons, she would at least have peace of mind from these ongoing protests in the Chalchitra sector and the speculations of person on the post amidst all these.

Rekha Thapa in USA cultural Program

When asked Rekha Thapa if that was actually the reason for flying abroad, she said that she had left all the hopes for post long ago and that she would fully support anyone for the post if it were a female candidate.

Moving ahead of the chair issues, Rekha Thapa is believed to be in the US to look around the US for her shootings for upcoming movie “A for America”. The movie is scheduled to begin its shootings from 16th February and so Rekha Thapa wanted to utilize her free ten days visiting the country and building relations.

In a press meet organized yesterday at Himalayan Yak Restaurant, Rekha Thapa said she would be participating in several Nepali cultural events organized by the Nepali communities over there. The Meet-the-press with Rekha Thapa was organized by a media organization, Nepali Media Alliance (NMA) at Himalayan Yak Restaurant in Jackson Heights, NY yesterday (January 27). Rekha Thapa has expressed her interest in screening her latest Nepali Movies Lanka and Rawan in the communities of the US. Here are some images of Rekha Thapa from the press met yesterday.

Rekha Thapa in Press Meet USA Jackson Heights NYC

Rekha Thapa in Press Meet USA Jackson Heights NYC

Rekha Thapa is US (America) Nepali Chalchitra 1

After US involvements, Rekha Thapa is scheduled to fly Malaysia on February 9 where she will spend a week before returning to Nepal. Here are some images of Rekha Thapa on streets of NYC before we wrap up.

Rekha Thapa on Streets of NYC US

All the best to Rekha Thapa for her US journey! You can keep following Rekha Thapa’s journey here on Nepali Chalchitra. Like Nepali Chalchitra on Facebook for Rekha Thapa Latest updates.


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